Greetings!  It’s finally May and summer is so tantalizingly close…

Come by for a tasting or some bottles of your favorites!  We are open Saturdays 2-7 and Sundays 12-5.

(But sometimes we go off to pour at Brewfests, and sometimes we hold concerts – check social media to be sure!)

and/or!  you can always make an appointment for a group, or even for different times than we are open.

Feel free to contact us on short notice if you’re in the area. We will do our best to connect you with run amok mead!

Brew on the Moons

What does that mean, that we “brew on the moons?”

Well… you may have caught on that we have a bit of a thing about the moon here at Run Amok Mead. We like to look at it, we like to think about it, we like to smile at it, we like to drink mead while sitting in the moonlight, gazing at it, we like to schedule things around it, like INTERNATIONAL OBSERVE THE MOON NIGHT

We like how it connects to HONEYMOON, which leads (indirectly perhaps, but still) to honey wine, which is of course, better known as MEAD.

We like the way the Full moon correlates to bigger, louder, to completion and fulfillment, MORE, and the deep satisfaction of things at their fullest. And it’s just… a beautiful sight. We like the way the moon draws the tides. We like the moon when it is bright and proud and rules the sky.

We like the way the New moon corresponds to smaller, quieter, to births and beginnings, LESS, and when less is what you need – that’s a good thing. It also speaks of beginnings, the birth of new ideas, the start-up energy of exciting new projects. We like the moon when it is dark and silent, and new things are quietly preparing to be born beneath the surface.

Life, (much like the moon and the tides) waxes and wanes, rises and falls, works and rests. And we like to think we channel the moon’s influence on our lives into our meads.

All that to say – that we invite the moon and its energies into our fermentation facility – “The Amok” – and we plan our production schedule around its cycles. That means that we start about 26 batches a year – because “Thirteen silver moons in a year there are!”

At Run Amok Mead, we make small batches (35-40 gallons at a time) of hand-made, bottle-strength meads. We use a variety of delightful honeys that ferment in amazing ways with delicious fruits, herbs, spices… or that shine beautifully on their own when fermented alone in our Golden Traditional series, showcasing the flavor and aroma of just… the honey.

We love putting all that magic – honey, fruit, spice, moon – into the bottle for you. We hope you can come by our “Fairweather Tasting Barn” during the warm months, or schedule a winter/holiday tasting or a “Quick-like-a-bunny” mead pickup, which you can do here.

Barring that, we have also made our mead available for shipment throughout the US to the (now up to 44) states that currently permit the sale and shipping of alcohol directly to consumers. You can do that here.

This we do in honor of the beauty of the green earth, and the white moon among the stars.

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