Greetings!  It’s finally May and summer is so tantalizingly close…

Come by for a tasting or some bottles of your favorites!  We are open Saturdays 2-7 and Sundays 12-5.

(But sometimes we go off to pour at Brewfests, and sometimes we hold concerts – check social media to be sure!)

and/or!  you can always make an appointment for a group, or even for different times than we are open.

Feel free to contact us on short notice if you’re in the area. We will do our best to connect you with run amok mead!

Come and Run Amok with us!

Local Mead Tastings

We wanna put some mead in your mouth!

Look for us at tastings at your local retailer!

Or if you’re a retailer – let’s do a tasting at YOUR store!

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We love meeting the thinking drinkers! Catch us at one of these!

These are some of the common events we attend, and we are always looking to learn about more!

Maine Open Winery Day

Kennebec River Brew Fest

Snow Pond on Tap

Swine & Stein Brewfest

Can’t wait to see ya!

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Bethany Mulcahy

I highly recommend a sampling here. We tried 4 meads today, and each was just fantastic. Will be back for certain.

Glenn Harris

Give it a shot - the owner certainly knows all about good honey!