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Where can I get some Run Amok Mead?

In our heart of hearts, we think the best place to taste any special hand-crafted beverage is in the maker’s tasting room.  It’s hard to get any closer to the source!

At Run Amok Mead we have nicknamed the tasting room “FairWeather” – as she is an 1858 barn,
and really only hospitable when the weather is fair.



will be Mother’s Day Weekend, May 12/13/14!


The summer season will include food trucks, wine tastings, meadery tours…

special mead releases, music, pizza, ice cream…

and sometimes cupcakes!



will be Halloween Weekend, October 27/28/29.

Stay tuned to our social media pages for current events, local tastings at retailers, and BrewFests!


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Run Amok Mead is also available online, and at an increasing number of Maine  retailers 

and it’s awesome when they tell us that you asked for Run Amok Mead by name. 

So don’t be shy!  Tell ’em what you’re lookin” for!

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Local Mead Tastings

We like to do tastings at local retailers - where you can learn about what we make, and whether you like it!

Click the Upcoming Events button below for our current tasting schedule.
And if you follow us on Facebook & Instagram, that's where we post a lot about upcoming tastings!

If you'd like to request that we do a tasting at your favorite local retailer - drop us a line and we'll reach out to them and try to arrange that!

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Purchase Online

Oh, you're not from around here? Darn it!
But you can still order Run Amok mead online, and we will ship it straight to the destination of your choice!

That way, you can order mead for yourself, or gift people from away with beautiful Maine Made meads!

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Local Pickup

You can now place an order online for pick up at Run Amok Mead in West Gardiner.

You just run by - quick like a bunny - and get the mead you need!

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Come Run Amok With Us

You can't step in the same river twice

The special thing about mead is that no two batches can ever be truly the same, much like you can’t step into the same river twice! Each year, the honey is a bit different, the ingredients we use are a little different, the process varies a tiny bit from batch to batch – every one is absolutely unique!

At Run Amok Mead we take those delicious and delightful ingredients, add them to honey, and turn it all into an amazing craft beverage taste experience. Probably the oldest fermented beverage known to man, mead is one of the most diverse and exciting libations available! Come and see!

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Bethany Mulcahy

I highly recommend a sampling here. We tried 4 meads today, and each was just fantastic. Will be back for certain.

Glenn Harris

Give it a shot - the owner certainly knows all about good honey!

Run amok mead

Fairweather Tasting Barn

An 1858 barn is a lovely place to enjoy Run Amok Mead. 

Unless… it’s cold out.  Because then it is cold in the barn too!

So we open the barn in May (think Mother’s Day).

And we close it in October (think Halloween). 

In between, we retreat to the warmth of “The Amok” – our meadery space.  Where you can make a reservation for a private tasting

and we will be here for you!

I can hear you saying, “But… I need mead for at home!”

We know you do. And we want you to have it!

If you’re “from away” – click PURCHASE ONLINE below.

If you’re local, click ORDER LOCAL PICKUP below.

‘Zat help?   Glad to do it!