More Than a Drink - An Art Form!

Find out more about mead in West Gardiner, ME

Erroneously described as honey wine, mead is a fermented beverage made from honey, yeast, and water. It isn't really wine, because... there aren't any grapes!
But you get it, right? It's LIKE wine (only cooler!)

The history of mead goes back some 8,000-ish years, making it one of the oldest of alcoholic beverages. At Run Amok Mead, we are determined to leave our mark on that history, and to make this ancient beverage new again. You might say Mead is the New Old. (Okay, you might not say that, but maybe somebody would.)

Run Amok Mead is located in West Gardiner, Maine where we make mead on the new moons and the full moons, fermenting the most delicious and delightful ingredients into amazing taste sensations, aligned with ancient tradition.

If you'd like to know more about our mead, we hope that you'll visit us soon!