Where can I get some Run Amok Mead?

Visit our Fair Weather Tasting Barn!

In Maine, we celebrate the stalwart, hearty folks who deal just fine with our hundred days of summer, and with the way our weather picks up and heads south every year. The people who LIVE here.

For us and for them - the Tasting Barn will stay open THROUGH the Thanksgiving weekend!
Come by and check out our circa 1858 barn! It's cool! Literally. (But we have heaters! Don't be scared!)

But if that's not for you... try these:

Local Mead Tastings!

We will be doing tastings at hot spots around town - like for instance:

Damon's in Augusta

Damon's in Waterville

There will be bottles for sale, as well as our Mead Gift packages:  2 bottles and 2 Run Amok Mead tasting glasses.

Click here to Run Amok with Us!

We are planning other holiday tasting dates as well, so stay tuned, and if you really want to stay on top of things, maybe follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram, where we talk a lot about upcoming events!





Vino Shipper

Thanks to Vino Shipper, you can now order Run Amok meads online, and we will ship them straight to the destination of your choice!

That way, you can gift people from away with beautiful meads from Maine, or surprise people in Maine with a gift of Run Amok Mead, and show off your "local" savvy.

Here's the link to VinoShipper!

There are rules around this of course:  Someone 21+ must sign for the package when it arrives, and underneath all that - your state has to allow it.

But most of them do!  So check it out!


Quick Like A Bunny!

We will soon have things set up so you can place an order online - for in-store pick up.

Then you can just run by Run Amok, and - quick like a bunny - get the mead you need!

Until we automate that process (or even after that) - you can always reach out to us and we'll be glad to take your order and look forward to your arrival to pick it up!

Call the meadery at 207-466-2142 or email us at hello@runamokmead.com